Evoco raises $5 million (CAD) in venture capital

In its fifth year of operations, Evoco has raised $5 million CAD from Forage Capital Partners in its Series A fundraising. Based in Calgary, Forage is Canada’s most experienced group of growth equity investors focused on the Ag & Food industry.

Jason Robinson, CEO and Founder of Evoco said, “This investment will help Evoco develop new plant-based innovations while expanding our renewable technologies into new markets and continuing to build our team. As a cleantech company in a world desperate for more sustainable solutions, Evoco is on a rapid expansion to bring sustainable solutions to various consumer goods and industrial markets.”

About Evoco
Evoco is a privately-owned cleantech innovation company based in Toronto, Canada. Evoco is developing plant-based, renewable products to replace petrochemicals and harmful materials. Two of Evoco’s carbon-reducing technologies are commercial today: Cleansport NXT™, a probiotic-based natural odour control technology used in athletic products and footwear and FATES™, a high-performing, plant-based ecofoam currently used for insole and midsole in footwear.

Contact: info@evocoltd.com

About Forage Capital Partners

Forage Capital Partners is Canada’s most experienced team of Ag & Food investors, having managed over $500 million in commitments to the industry over the last 18 years. Forage Capital Ag & Food Business Solutions Fund works to provide its portfolio companies with the stability and flexibility they need to expand and adapt their business models during these challenging times. The fund will invest with creative business owners that are looking to capitalize on new and innovative opportunities that will emerge as the Canadian economy recovers and prospers. For more information on Forage Capital Partners, visit Forage Capital Partners.

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