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High Performance
Material Innovation

At the forefront of plant-based science,

Evoco enables consumer brands to defossilize cost-effectively and verifiably,

with easily integrated materials that enhance product performance.

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Streamlined Material Technologies

By integrating seamlessly into existing supply chains, Evoco’s material technologies offer innovative solutions that can be efficiently produced and adapted to meet a wide range of consumer needs, transforming manufacturing processes and product design.

Changing what durable consumer goods are made of

By replacing the role petrochemicals play in creating widely used materials with better plant-based alternatives, Evoco paves the way for a more sustainable future in durable consumer products.

Leading the Defossilization of the material value chain

Decarbonization (noun)


The process of replacing fossil fuels with fuel that is less harmful to the environment.

Harnessing the renewable carbon reservoirs found in plants rather than relying on petrochemicals, our material technologies substantially reduce CO₂e emissions.

Detoxification (noun)


The process of removing harmful chemicals from something.

Fossil-derived chemicals often produce harmful byproducts and pollutants during extraction and processing, contributing to environmental degradation and health risks. By removing some of these main pollutants in all our material technologies, we help generate fewer toxic byproducts, leading to a cleaner and safer manufacturing process.

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