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Evoco is shaped by a desire to preserve the natural environment without compromising quality. We understand the need for products that perform to the highest standards, and are committed to achieving the perfect balance of function and sustainability through a combination of advanced chemistry and superior innovation. With this goal, we’ve developed an array of renewable technologies including FATES and Cleansport NXT. Used in a variety of industries from sporting goods to automotive, these high-performance biomaterials rival and even surpass conventional products, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint.

Evoco is a partnership between founder and inventor Jason Robinson and the Stewart Group Limited, a 120-year-old privately-held company with a global presence. The company is based in Toronto, with a green chemistry wet lab at University of Toronto. Evoco’s team is globally positioned with operations in Canada, the US and Asia.


FATES is a revolutionary product, a high-performance, sustainable foam without the negative environmental impacts of traditional polyurethane, which relies on petrochemicals. FATES is made up of over 50% renewable materials, which directly reduces its carbon footprint by up to 400%. All this while maintaining and exceeding the quality and all-round performance of standard polyurethanes.

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Cleansport NXT

Cleansport NXT is a patented, probiotic-based technology used for odour control in cleaning products and consumer goods such as footwear, apparel, sports equipment, pet products and various other applications. This innovative process uses micro-organisms to produce a natural, non-toxic product that provides an environmentally sustainable alternative to the status quo, which generally rely on pesticides or hazardous chemicals. Cleansport NXT is exclusively manufactured in North America with an established global supply chain.

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Evoco endeavors to harness the power of nature to develop and market products utilizing sustainable and renewable materials for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, all while assessing the GHG impact on the supply chain, and never compromising performance…A big ask but something we’ve already proven is possible!