Sustainability & Cleansport NXT

Cleansport NXT partakes in the circular economy, a regenerative system that replaces the concept of planned obsolescence with restoration and eco-innovation.

  • We sustainably source naturally occurring probiotic bacteria and new carbon raw materials such a biomass to fuel a natural fermentation.
  • The production process uses natural fermentation to produce probiotics a process that does not produce harmful chemicals or volatile organic compounds. The naturally occurring CO2—or new carbon—that is produced as a by-product of fermentation is organically released and recycled into the atmosphere.
  • Cleansport NXT provides a nontoxic probiotic alternative to less sustainable methods of odor control such as pesticides. Because it does not contain harmful chemicals or perfumes, its disposal does not impair the reuse and return of organic materials to the biosphere, which reduces the amount of resource input and waste. Bacteria are simply returned to the earth, without altering or harming it in any way.
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