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Make a Material Difference

Evoco enables brands of consumer goods to defossilize cost-effectively and verifiably with materials that enhance product performance.

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Speed to Market

Superior Science

Client Advantage

Advanced Bio-Materials

By integrating seamlessly into existing supply chains, Evoco’s material technologies are designed to disrupt massive material markets by offering scalable solutions that can be efficiency adapted to meet a wide range of performance requirements.


Bio- TPU


Changing what durable
consumer goods are made of

By replacing the role petrochemicals play in creating widely used materials with better and safer plant-based alternatives, Evoco paves the way for a more sustainable future in durable consumer products across a wide range of applications.

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Operating at Industrial Scale

Evoco is producing millions of footwear components for our global brand partners.

And that’s just the beginning.

Let’s Talk Material Transformation

Unlock Your Potential with Evoco’s Innovations and Make a Material Difference.
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