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All-natural probiotic odor control

Our innovative process allows probiotics to simply be activated when they come into contact with sweat for the cleanest and most natural performing odor control.
A clean and non-toxic alternative to the unsustainable norm of using pesticides and hazardous chemicals, because you deserve better.

It’s naturally occurring, invisible, healthier and safer for you and the environment


Selected microbes are bonded to the surfaces resulting in thousands of microbes to every square inch of fabric.


Microbes lay dormant in the fibers and blends of apparel and sports products until activated.


Once microbes come in contact with organic material (sweat), they activate.


Activated microbes work to reduce the odor causing organic material.


With the partially decomposed organic material broken down, the odor is reduced and the microbes go dormant until reactivated.


We’ve developed innovative plant based solutions for some of the worlds top brands