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A pro-biotic technology for odor control in athletic & footwear products.

The more you sweat the harder they work.

CLEANSPORT NXT offers a process of using pro-biotic technology to provide a method of odor control within athletic products and footwear. Beneficial microbes, which are found all around us and are naturally occurring, are selected and bonded to the surface of the fabric. This innovative process of applying live micro-organisms to fibers, results in natural, non-toxic health benefits to consumers and the environment.


It’s naturally occurring,
invisible, safe for consumers
and the environment.

Introducing Cleansport NXT

How it works

Selected microbes are bonded to the surfaces resulting in thousands of microbes to every square inch of fabric.

Microbes lay dormant in the fibers and blends of apparel and sports products until activated.

Once microbes come in contact with organic material (sweat), they activate.

Activated microbes work to reduce the odor causing organic material.

With the partially decomposed organic material broken down, the odor is reduced and the microbes go dormant until reactivated.

We have developed biotech solutions for some of the world’s top brands.