Working Person feature: Cleansport NXT

Working Person feature: Cleansport NXT

.    Our CleanSportNXT was featured in Working Person blog

Cleansport NXT is the go to for natural  sustainable for odour control from work wear to every day clothing. 

Written by Working Person

Think probiotic power is only good for your gut health? Think again.

Cleansport NXT technology utilizes the power of microbes to eliminate odors on athletic products, like running and work shoes, insoles, and apparel. Live microorganisms are added to fibers to break down the partially-digested organic material left behind by bacteria.

It’s not the actual sweat that causes odors – it’s the partially-digested material that creates it. That’s why the microbes are in place on the fabric to take care of these odor-causing materials.

How does it work?
This innovative technology bonds microbes onto fibers, where they remain dormant until they’re activated by perspiration. Every square inch of fabric contains thousands of these microorganisms.

When sweat appears (which includes that stubborn, halfway-digested material), the tiny yet intricate microorganisms kick it into gear and go right to work getting rid of the partially decomposed organic material by breaking it down.

Once the microbes have dealt with the situation, they go back to their dormant state and wait for the next round.

Image of foot with microbes to demonstrate how Cleansport NXT Technology destroys these microbes to eliminate odors caused by feet.

Environmental Impact
Cleansport NXT is natural and safe for consumers – AND the environment. The unique technology doesn’t have hazardous chemicals, toxic waste, or genetically modified organisms.

It’s naturally occurring and invisible to the naked eye. You’ll feel better knowing this is a safe and clean process that creates non-toxic health benefits for both you and the environment.

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CEO Jason Talks about Circularity

CEO Jason talks about circularity

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