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Introducing our latest innovation: FATES™ Open Cell Sheetstock Technology

The simplest and most cost-effective method to adopt the industry-leading bio-based foam solution

FATES’ Open Cell Sheetstock Technology  – a groundbreaking low-density, plant-based foam material designed for large-scale footwear applications. Powered by the FATES™ technologies, OCST provides low-carbon, high-performance properties with minimal end-of-life impact. With OCST, footwear designers can explore three versatile production options: die-cut, compression, and memory foam. 

“A new standard for footwear materials”

Combining superior functionality with sustainability, its advanced engineering delivers exceptional comfort, support, and durability, making it an ideal choice for high-performance footwear. The open-cell structure of OCST promotes breathability and moisture management, enhancing overall wearer comfort. 


FATES™ harnesses the power of plant-based chemistry to significantly reduce GHG emissions by up to 70% compared to conventional PU materials. Our patented chemistry allows the foam to return to the earth for a more circular solution. 

FATES™ Open Cell Sheetstock technology provides a cost-effective die cut manufacturing process, allowing you to scale and optimize your production without compromising on quality or performance.  

Our innovative foam material offers high performance characteristics, ensuring optimal comfort, and durability for your footwear designs. 

Detoxifying and biodegrading properties

Certified Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability, transparency, and plants goes beyond our words, it’s third-party verified.

USDA Bio-Preferred
Green Circle


Whether you’re designing athletic footwear, hiking boots, or safety, OCST provides the flexibility and performance required to meet the demands of your target audience.

Contact us today to develop high-performance, low-carbon footwear projects while reducing your reliance on petrochemistry.