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  • Up to 70% – 80% plant based eco-foam 
  • 5 times better compression set 
  • Superior elongation, up to 300% more
  • Lightweight, strong and long-lasting
  • 70% less CO2 emissions than PU
  • No toxic solvents and heavy metals
Evoco Ltd - USDA Certified Biobased Product

FATES is a customizable eco-foam product with endless applications.

In tests, it either keeps pace with polyurethane – or outperforms it.

Currently it is utilized primarily in insoles and midsoles for footwear.

Evoco is working on expanding FATES’ utility outside of footwear to expand into everyday-use, household products.

By integrating plant-based foam solutions into  products rather than recycled petrochemical materials, your impact on reducing carbon emissions is significant in comparison.

Evoco plans on expanding into,

  • athletic gear
  • office amenities
  • home furniture
  • vehicular seating

it’s fate that petrochemicals
will become a thing of the past