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Evoco was founded to lead a profitable materials transformation, through plant-based chemistry.

Biomaterials future-proofing
business and our world

Evoco helps businesses defossilize their materials value chain by replacing unsustainable and environmentally damaging materials with high-performance, plant-based alternatives.

there is a better way

Evoco sources sustainable, new carbon materials such as plants and biomass to develop a variety of products. Unlike carbon methods of petroleum extraction from fossil fuels, Evoco works with current carbon cycles to find organic substances and methods to generate recyclable CO2 – reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The premise:

“The greatest threat to
our planet is the belief
that someone else will
save it.”

— Robert Swan,
Explorer, Environmentalist
& Author

The way:

“We are here to make
sustainable change
happen. It’s the reason
we’re so passionate
about what we do.”

— Jason Robinson,
Evoco CEO